Introduction To Breast Ultrasound


Course Overview

This 16 week online CPD course will cover level 1 knowledge and application of theory, mapped to the UK Royal College of Radiologist’s curriculum for breast ultrasound for non-radiologists. it is intended to provide theoretical grounding in the principles and practice of clinical breast ultrasound for practising breast clinicians as a basis to start to incorporate supervised breast ultrasound into your own clinical practice.

Course Format

The course will commence with one week of background reading, followed by 14 weeks of active on-line participation split between seven topics. The final week will enable consolidation of knowledge.

Topics Covered

• Introduction to Breast Ultrasound and Writing a Report
• The Normal Breast
• Benign Breast Disease, Infections and B3 Lesion
• Breast Cancer
• Axillary Lymph Nodes
• Ultrasound Guided Interventions
• Practical Ultrasound Experience

Learning Outcomes

Discuss the relevant physics and technology basis for US practice
Demonstrate competent practical US technique
Compose structured and comprehensive US reporting for medical records
Describe and recognise the US appearance of the normal breast
Recognise and evaluate US appearance of the abnormal breast (benign, infection, B3, cancers)
Interpret US appearances of the post-operative breast (scarring, implants, complications)

By the end of this module you will be able to demonstrate:

• An understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of breast ultrasound
• An understanding of the indications for and the importance of ultrasound in the triple assessment process
• An awareness of the interdependency and significance of mammographic and ultrasound appearances
• The ability to perform a thorough ultrasound examination of the breast and axilla, to recognise normal anatomy and physiological variation as detailed above and to confidently exclude the presence of a sonographic lesion within the breast
• The recognition of established criteria for lesion characterisation
• Identification and discrimination between clearly normal and suspicious axillary lymph nodes
• The ability to write a detailed report of the ultrasound findings with grading, differential diagnosis, conclusion and recommendation for further management
• The recognition of personal limitations and ability to ask for more expert advice if required

Blended Learning UK courses promote evidence based clinical practice encouraging students to develop their critical thinking in their chosen topic of study.  Our bespoke learning packages have been created to encourage the application of theoretical knowledge into contemporary clinical practice.  On completion of our courses each candidate will receive CPD certification or University based credits depending upon the programme of study undertaken.  Successful completion of Blended Learning UK courses does not provide accreditation for clinical practice, which is normally granted by the Institutions or professional bodies of the candidate’s chosen healthcare discipline

Target Audience

  • Consultant Breast surgeons
  • Senior trainees in breast surgery
  • Radiograghers
  • Physician Associates

Qualifications Available

CPD certification from the University of East Anglia

The number of CPD hours awarded is calculated based on your average participation score across all topics:

• 80% and above 40 CPD hours
• 60-79% 20 CPD hours
• 40-59% 10 CPD hours
• 39% and below No CPD hours

Practical Training Session (additional charge) (Date TBC)

A face to face practical study day will compliment your online theoretical learning, and you will be encouraged to maintain a reflective logbook available via our partner organisation, Logitbox.

Previous practical training sessions have been recorded and are available as part of this course content.

For participants who wish to gain some hands on training, a practical teaching session is run in the UK by Blended Learning UK. This one day course will demonstrate basic practical ultrasound techniques, and provide the skills basis for:

  • Basic breast ultrasound skills on live models
  • Ultrasound guided cyst drainage
  • Ultrasound guided biopsy

Course fees: £500

Discount rates may be available. To check eligibility please email with the following information:
Which country do you currently practice in? What is your
professional registration number? eg GMC, NMC

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