Proctology and functional bowel disorders

Norwich Medical School – Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


This 16 week, 7 topic module, will enrich participants in all aspects of proctology and pelvic floor disorders. While the proctology part will help candidates reflecting and analysing their day to day practice of common ano-rectal conditions the functional bowel component will challenge and develop their management of complex scenarios encountered in colorectal practice.

The problem based scenarios are discussed on interactive forums and mediated by expert clinicians to promote application of evidence based knowledge to clinical practice.

The course delivery is underpinned by adult educational learning theories to promote in depth critical thinking and decision making. Students will be able to compare their management decisions with that of senior clinicians throughout the programme. The ultimate aim of this module is to improve clinical outcomes for patients presenting with Proctology and functional bowel disorders.

Blended Learning UK courses promote evidence based clinical practice encouraging students to develop their critical thinking in their chosen topic of study.  Our bespoke learning packages have been created to encourage the application of theoretical knowledge into contemporary clinical practice.  On completion of our courses each candidate will receive CPD certification or University based credits depending upon the programme of study undertaken.  Successful completion of Blended Learning UK courses does not provide accreditation for clinical practice, which is normally granted by the Institutions or professional bodies of the candidate’s chosen healthcare discipline

Topics Covered

• Faecal Incontinence & Physiology
• Haemorrhoids & Fistula
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Constipation
• Hirschsprung’s disease
• Megacolon Megarectum
• Proctalgia
• Endometriosis
• Prolapse
• Rectocoele & Solitary Rectal Ulcer
• Fissure-Pilonidal-Hidradenitis

Target Audience

  • Consultant General Surgeons
  • Consultant Coloproctologists
  • Senior trainees in gastroenterology &
    coloproctology and general surgery.

Qualifications Available

CPD certification from the University of East Anglia

The number of CPD points awarded is calculated based on your average participation score across all topics:

  • 80% and above 40 CPD points
  • 60-79% 20 CPD points
  • 40-59% 10 CPD points
  • 39% and below No CPD points



Course fees: £500

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