Transition To The UK For International Medical Graduates (IMG’S)


Welcome to the UK! Adjusting to a new healthcare system and culture can be challenging. We have created this comprehensive online course based on analysis of data collected on integration of issues and challenges for IMG’s entering the NHS workforce.

This 3 hour eLearning package covers many topics you need to know to make your transition as an international doctor seeking to work in the NHS, as smooth as possible.

Why choose this course?

By the end of this in-depth eLearning package, you will feel equipped with the knowledge and skills required to successfully transition into your role as an international doctor in the NHS. The modules address the unique challenges faced and provide actionable tips.

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Blended Learning UK courses promote evidence based clinical practice encouraging students to develop their critical thinking in their chosen topic of study.  Our bespoke learning packages have been created to encourage the application of theoretical knowledge into contemporary clinical practice.  On completion of our courses each candidate will receive CPD certification or University based credits depending upon the programme of study undertaken.  Successful completion of Blended Learning UK courses does not provide accreditation for clinical practice, which is normally granted by the Institutions or professional bodies of the candidate’s chosen healthcare discipline

Topics Covered

Module 1
In this module you will learn how the NHS works, the UK visa process, tips for managing NHS paperwork, arranging accommodation, using your relocation allowance, and immersing yourself into British language and culture.

Module 2
Provides essential information you will need upon arrival like airport tips, transportation, setting up a bank account, understanding your work schedule, adapting to the weather and more.

Module 3
Focuses on integrating into your new team and avoiding common pitfalls. You will be taught communication strategies for overcoming language barriers, tips for responding to micro aggressions, understanding NHS hierarchy, building confidence, avoiding patient complaints and more.

Target Audience

  • International Medical Graduates.

Qualifications Available

This course is eligible for 3 hrs of CPD certification


Introductory Course fee: £50

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